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The Strad

From the first note, she inhabited the music. She showed incredible versatility in the sonata’s dramatic contrasts, owning them completely with her self-assured stance. It felt less like an interpretation, more like a lightbulb moment in which I thought, ‘Oh, this is how the piece should be played!’...


Her deep knowledge of the piece, both structurally and musically, was evident. Her superb technique was always at the service of Prokofiev’s myriad moods and characters. She was both clearly the soloist and enmeshed with the orchestra.

 Le Devoir

The evening began with a huge shock: the performance of Korean SongHa Choi in Prokofiev's 2nd Concerto. We found in this candidate the fiery temperament she had shown in the previous rounds. She also had a very full sound and a particularly rich G string. SongHa Choi did justice to the intimacy of the 2nd movement, but it was with the fierceness of her 3rd movement that she literally blew us away.

 The Classical Source

Graciously led by SongHa Choi, closing the concert on a lingering, dying high, one could not have wished for a more mature reading – soaring intensity and awakened feelings, personal interactions and individual merits lurking in every shadow and corner, now bold, sometimes scarcely murmured

 The Times UK

mesmerising: full of passion, imagination and daring.





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